Farm and Yard

David MacPhail

Yardman at Arlary

David is based at Arlary and is responsible there for yard management, general yardwork and pasture management.  He is also in charge of the mucking out and bedding down of the stables in the main front yard. He hays all the horses, giving them each a specific amount, and brings over the haylage bales from Kilduff. On work mornings Davey harrows the gallops in between lots and has overall management of the woodchip gallop at Arlary. He also organises the delivery of Bedmax at Arlary and unloads the lorries with Bedmax and with feed from Spillars.

Jake Paterson

Junior Yardman At Arlary

Jake knows the yard well as both his father, Euan, and grandfather, Alan worked here, and Jake grew up licving in the Lodge for som years. Jake joined us in 2016 when just sixteen, having had helped out on the yard when still at school. He is a most enthusiastic and capable boy who will turn his hand to anything. As well as keeping the stables and yard clean and tidy, Jake is learning about horse care and helps to brush off and turn out the horses. In his spare time, he loves riding his motorbike and mending anything mechanical. 

Alexander Noble

Junior Yardman at Arlary

Alexander applied fo a position at Arlary in October 2016. Despite there not being a true vacancy we were so impressed with his attitude that we took him on and have not regretted that decision. Alex has no previous experience with horses but he has been taught by the rest of the yard and is now capable around them, and can brush off, rug up and turn them out. He and Jake work as a team and keep the yard tidy to a high standard.