Another Award

We had a doubleheader of awards ceremonies this evening, with one team heading to Glasgow and one to London.

Derek, Jaimie, Jamie, Lea, and Ciorstaidh were guests of Sunday Mail and Daily Record reporter Craig Swan in the Glasgow Hilton, at the Scottish Sports Awards where Arthur was nominated for and won the Editors Choice special award. There was plenty of cheering and once Derek got hold of the microphone the audience had a full run down of the race. It is fabulous to be recognised not just in the racing community but across the sports and we are very grateful to the Sunday Mail for the award.

Meanwhile at the Intercontinental in London, the Golf Widows and their golfers and Scu and I were at the ROA awards where we were one of the nominations for the Special Achievement Award. We did not win it but it was a great honour to have been nominated and to finish behind the mighty Menorah.



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  • Anne MacInnes

    Loved the picture taken there. Both very smart.

    Dec 09, 2017 @ 11:41am

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