Frosty But Better Than Some

A bit nippy on the yards this morning and ice accompanying sub-zero temperatures meant things took a bit longer than usual. The roads needed salt before we could walk on them and the tractors were busy harrowing the gallops to keep the surface from freezing. However, all the horses had a good workout and some time in the fields before they and were warm and back in their stables by lunchtime. It looked pretty desperate down south with snow and for once we in the North were much better off.

I am not sure if we will be able to race tomorrow but Ayr have made a huge effort with their frost sheets, covering the whole track and I do hope that their efforts will be rewarded with warmer temperatures and racing going ahead. A description of our runners will appear on this page in the morning.

The British Horse Society Scotland had their AGM this afternoon and we were delighted for One For Arthur to be rewarded with the Tarragon Trophy, awarded for the horse who has done most for Scotland. It is super to be recognised not just by the Scottish horse racing fraternity but by the wider horse owning community. Arthur likes his trophy and had a little gnaw on it to show his appreciation, pictured. 


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