Trotting Trotting And One For Perth

Trotting trotting and more trotting... In the old days we would do four weeks on the roads but with the dry weather we are able to use the grass fields which not only is kinder on the legs, but has the advantage of having hills and varying terrain to condition the horses. We are adding in some cantering for those on weeks three and four and all of the pre training work is done with bungees or draw reins to keep the horses working in the correct shape.

Ute and Carey are flat out with the water treadmill as the pre trainers build their muscle particularly across their backs. There are not enough hours in the day for the water treadmill team as they work through their list of horses each day.

The rain has still not materialised and we have just the one runner declared at Perth on Sunday; The Banastoir who runs over two miles in the conditional jockey race. He ran a solid race when dropped in last time and we may try the same tactics on Sunday.

We have been joined by two more riders: full time for the winter is Patrick Wadge, Cameron's younger brother who has ridden out for us in his school holidays and had a few rides in point to points last winter. He will continue pointing and is a super young and enthusiastic addition to our team. Part time we have Iain Paterson whose own discipline in long distance riding, but with a wealth of experience with youngsters and schooling horses in flatwork he has been very good with the pre trainers. 

Pictured trotting are Orioninverness (Lorraine), Crumbs (Mark), Present Flight (Iain), Mighty Thunder (Connor), Emissaire (Ailsa), Flutter Down (Patrick), and Slainte Mhor (Derek).

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