A frosty few days leading to super sunrises and lots of atmospheric photographs from the gallops. 

The woodchip is in good shape and with regular harrowing, it retains its bounce and consistency. Winter always brings extra work for everyone, as the taps tend to freeze and our automatic water drinkers stop working, however, the problems are easily overcome and it is thanks to the team of everyone here working hard to keep the horses in the best condition whatever the temperatures.

Of course, it is all about racing; at Newcastle Mumgo was a staying on third, possibly feeling the effects of three quick runs, while Bialco and Misfits will improve on their first runs after a break and we look forward to their next outings.

It is sad to lose Musselburgh this weekend, especially as the groundstaff had worked hard to cover the track but to no avail. We immediately turn to the BHA to see if they can save a few of the higher quality races that were scheduled; the race planning office have their reasons for trying to be sure that replacement fixtures fit in with the future meetings and race conditions, but we keep asking them to consider the races lost that were often mid season targets for our horses. 

Still, we have racing next week and it is to be milder after the weekend so I am sure that the team's extra work will be rewarded with some more winners.


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