BHS IJF Open Day 2019

We had an excellent turnout to the BHS IJF Open Day today, despite horrid rain to start then while the sun came out the wind picked up and caused havoc.

We hold this open day for a chance for people to meet the horses and staff but most importantly to give an insight to the yard and how we work to produce the fit, relaxed and winning racehorses.

Walking around the stables and discussing the similarities and differences in pleasure horse owning I am always reminded what a strong routine our horses are in and how efficient and professional our staff are. With two hour exercise, daily turnout, feeding spaced over seven different feeds from five in the morning to nine at night, constant surveillance and the top veterinary care it is no wonder that our horses thrive. 

We also saw the horses returning from work and being washed down before five were schooled around the carpet gallop. It was interesting to discuss the jockeys technique and lower leg strength and the way that the horses are presented to the hurdles. While a different tempo to showjumping and eventing there are so many similarities.

The parade was held in the yard and Scu explained our buying policy and the type of horse that we love. I was very proud of the condition of the horses at this stage in the season, and of their presentation by everyone on the yard.

It was all going so well and everyone was making their way to the walled garden for snacks and to look at the Tarrag Naegel jewellery stand, when the wind gusted and the marquee roof was torn off. In danger of collapse, we removed all the remaining sides and roof and it was made safe. Our Owners Lunch tomorrow will have to find new shelter.



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