Chanceiton And Order Of Thistle Double Up At Sedgefield

On a rare visit to Sedgefield we were delighted to bag a double courtesy of Chanceiton and Order Of Thistle.

We were taking a chance with Chanceiton as he only ran five days ago, but having pleased Ciorstaidh and Jamie when trotting up, and Jordan, Janice and his riders, he was deemed fit to go again. He was game as ever and while slightly outpaced coming out of the back straight he rallied under Blair's urgings to win comfortably up the stiff finish. Chance is turning into one of those dream horses, always there for you and a horse who adores his work, he is a super horse for the yard and for my father.

Order Of Thistle has had his various issues and he is kept right with daily water treadmill sessions and a lot of attention from all the team here. He is a classy four year old and the way that he came through the field, again staying on up the final hill, has us dreaming a little about him. We are very fortunate that Fitri Hay sent him here and we are looking forward to the autumn with him.

Earlier Saint Freule made a good start to his chasing career, looking less anxious at the start and jumping with aplomb through the race. He is still learning and when he relaxes more he will be spot on, but for now, Blair is doing a great job with him and he should come on mentally and physically from this run.

Blair is a busy lad at the moment and is now driving to Bangor where he will meet up with El and Steven who have Emissairre. Another young horse who can fret, he makes his chase debut round a track that we like to start the chasers, and the soft ground will suit him. 

While we are lacking Thomas on the yard after he was stood down following his fall from Slainte Mhor, we have been rejoined by Derek who is back from his time recuperating in Ireland. It is great to have him on the yard again and with the horses running well and having plenty of entries we are looking forward to the next few months.


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  • John McSharry

    Well done to one and all for a nice double at Sedgefield. Yes, it was a rare visit but a worthwhile one.

    It is excellent news that the future of Musselburgh racecourse has been secured. It would have been a calamity for Scottish racing had the racecourse folded due to poor governance. The Chester Race Company, have done a fantastic job at the Roodeye and for that matter at Bangor. The professionalism they demonstrate has all the makings of a successful association. I would caution them though against taking on a host of other racecourses, which appears to be one of their ambitions. Similar racecourse groups with large portfolios are not exactly cracking the flags! Being a small grouping is a much better option.

    From good news, it is with sadness that Towcester is to close, at least for now. The positive is that the greyhound track could well be sold to a specialist operator in this field, freeing up the racecourse as a separate business. This, I think, is what the usual suspects in racecourse management are waiting in the wings to see happen. I will go against the grain and suggest Towcester will race again.

    Oct 03, 2019 @ 12:41am

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