Veterinary Care And Therapy

All athletes need the best support to perform at a high level. Each horse is given an individual assessment and then appropriate therapy as required.

  • Specialist equine vet Eugenio Cillan Garcia from the Edinburgh Dick Vet School Of Veterinary Studies attends the yard twice a week and as required
  • Overground Dynamic Endoscopy for diagnosis of breathing problems
  • Gastroscoping on the yard for identification and monitoring treatment of gastric ulcers
  • Access to fully mobile ultrasonography unit for early diagnosis of injury
  • Access to Magnetic Resonance Imaging for early diagnosis of joint issues
  • ¬†Bone Scanning and CT scanning for exact identification of bone and joint issues
  • Cardiac ultrasonography using new three dimensional echocardiography
  • Head girl Rebecca Kennedy is our resident equine massage and therapist specialist
  • Extra equine physiotherapy and massage from Liz Jones, Una Beaumont and Liz Young
  • Microvet electrostimulation machine
  • Blazewear heat rugs
  • Magnetic rugs and boots
  • Equissage massage unit
  • Therapeutic laser machine
  • Nebuliser for optimal lung health
  • Ice vibe boots
  • VioVet Veterinary Suppliers