Our schooling facilities are a great pride of ours. Educating horses to jump is our speciality and we have built up a large range of obstacles to build confidence and technique. We are extremely fortunate to have the most experienced jockeys who can school daily if required all under the watchful eye of Peter Scudamore.

  • Lines of five steeplechase fences, five open ditches, hurdles, tyres and Easyfix hurdles on a maintained grass gallop
  • All weather schooling arena with showjumps and grids overseen by a top event rider and producer
  • Roade Fibres carpet gallop schooling gallop with Easyfix fences
  • Many small tyre fences and cross country fences 
  • Specialist team with racing, showjumping and eventing backgrounds
  • Resident pool of experienced jockeys, professional, conditional and amateur, and event riders to school and work the horses at home 


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