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Carey And Ute Williams

Carey And Ute Williams

Water Treadmill Operators

The water treadmill is a big part of our operation here at Lucinda Russell Racing. Up to twenty horses a day use the facility and it is run solely by husband and wife team Carey and Ute Williams.

Carey and Scu have known each other for a long time as Carey was an apprentice to Scu’s father in the 1970’s. Carey and Ute moved back to the UK after Carey finished his time at a German Stud called Gestuet Park Wiedingen. Carey brings a lifetime of horse knowledge and is superb at introducing the horses to the water treadmill. Being calm and caring with each horse they are carefully introduced to the machine and given time to condition to it.

Ute is at each 7 o’clock morning meeting to discuss the horses and the different aims with each one that day. Her organisational abilities are second to none and having made a daily list of horses to be on the treadmill, she helps Carey prepare the horses. At the end of each day Ute sends through a report of each horse including any stiffnesses or alteration in their action.

With the sharp eye and depth of horse sense of both Carey and Ute we can monitor each horse on the water treadmill and catch any movement or health issues however minor.

Carey and Ute are also the heart of the team at Kilduff providing support and warming soup for all of the staff there. 


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