Fresh Horses And Feeding Rules

Monday mornings are great as we get back into the routine for the week and with fresh horses, the runners performing well and some new faces there is a good buzz about the place. 

Some welcome rain meant that we could school and Le Frank, Thepensionfund and Newtown Lad were all ridden by Derek over the hurdles and small fences. 

The new four year old Timesawaiting was very fresh and keen but loves life and looks to have an easy going long stride. All of the horses were sharp and at Arlary Tantamount and Imjoeking led the rowdies, zimming up the gallops with enthusiasm. 

Derek continued his work with a new three year old, May, bred by Geoff Brown out of Oh So Beautiful; she is a strong-willed young lady but is getting the hang of things and will be following Kez around the school and circular gallop before long.

With the goodness out of the grass, we have started adding a midday snack of a kilo of carrots for all of the horses. Fed off the ground it is not quite as good as fresh grass, but it keeps them happy and is a useful succulent addition to their diet. Added to four hard feeds of Spillars nuts and alfalfa, and three portions of haylage, this makes a total of eight separate feed times for the horses, fulfilling the little and often feeding rule.

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